post acquisition services

Acquisition of a new strategic business unit is an excellent opportunity to implement change, both operational and administrative. Various functions of the newly acquired organization will need to be streamlined to allow shorter response times and quicker decision making. We at SEECAP understand the challenges of post-acquisition integration activities, and we strive to assist you in achieving the necessary synergies. 

Financial and managerial accounting

We can offer extensive expertise in the areas of financial reporting, managerial reporting, streamlining of accounting policies and of the management information system such as: 

  • Planning, controlling and analytical support in decision making
  • Costing (direct, indirect, processing),
  • Budgeting (operating and continuous), 
  • Cash flow analysis and projections,
  • Profitability and dividend policy, ROI, ROA, optimal capital structure, cost of capital, rate of return, breakeven, sensitivity, what if and other analyses, new investment projects analysis, 
  • Financial control-supervision and reporting to the top managers and/or to the owners abroad on weekly/monthly/quarterly basis so that they follow in almost in real time the events and developments with their investment in Serbia  

Operational aspects of the business

In addition, we can offer assistance with the operational aspects of the business, to include Business Process Reengineering, implementation of the Lean Manufacturing concepts, the Six-Sigma and 5S waste-elimination philosophies, etc. We also have extensive experience with procurement of capital assets -plants, machinery, as well as industrial designs and other intellectual property.  

We are a one-stop shop for all your post-acquisition alignment needs.