Real estate acquisition services in Serbia and Montenegro

We have excellent knowledge about the local real estate market. We have knowledge of or access to various market or off market deals and offers and deals. Our knowledge could assist you a great deal in assessing and analysing the opportunity and preparing a bid for it.

We can present or research opportunities in:

  • residential, office or retail developments or acquisition of yield producing existing properties
  • business hotels in Belgrade, resort hotels in Montenegro or in the Serbian winter ski centres
  • acquisition of or investment in health spa destinations

Unlike an ordinary property agent/broker/realtor, when we prepare a real estate investment case, we engage our combine knowledge and experience in real estate, project finance, real estate finance and corporate finance. We are skilful in matter such as:

  • Due diligence analysis of the intended purchase,
  • Preparation of proforma cash flow projections as well as projections of future Income Statements, Balance Sheet and other elements of annual financial performance projections
  • Investment risk analysis - scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, break-even, time series, Monte Carlo simulation, regression analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business or investment plan preparation for the investors as borrowers to raise debt capital locally or internationally for purchase and/or real estate asset redevelopment or reconstruction
  • Acquisition finance structure (equity, debt, mezzanine) and cost modelling,
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), Debt Service Reserve Account (DSRA), Maintenance Reserve Account (MRA) analysis and modelling
  • DCF valuation
  • Tax efficient investment and funding structure
  • Site and building acquisition support
  • Calculation of investment metrics - equity multiple, IRR, NPV, key financial ratios, -liquidity, leverage and profitability
  • Waterfall - IRR or equity etc
  • Transaction support
  • Project management support
  • Property portfolio sale and lease back to international investors